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Welcome to Yogyakarta, Indonesia !



Yogyakarta is an unique city located in Java Island. It is well known as center of culture surrounded by some interesting places. At north west of it, there is Borobudur temple, the largest Buddhist temple in the world. You can find it in Magelang regency of Central Java at about 30-km from Yogyakarta municipality. At northern, you can find Kaliurang, a cold area on the bottom of Mount Merapi. Here, you can enjoy the beauty of the nature or you can hike the mount. Kaliurang is also facilitated with other facilities such as villas, amusement park, and recreation forest.
At eastern, there is Prambanan Temple, the biggest Hindu temple built on 9th century. It consists of three main temples, namely: Wisnu, Brahma and Siwa temple. Next to Prambanan temple, at the western side there are Ramayana Ballet, Open Air Theatre and Trimurti Indoor Theatre.
At southern, you can find the beauty of many beaches e.g. Parang Tritis, Samas, Glagah, Baron, Kukup and Krakal beach.
Furthermore, in the middle of this city, there are also many beautiful places inherited from the past interesting to be visited, e.g. Kraton (The Sultan Palace) and Taman Sari Water Castle, the place for Sultan ( the leader and the king of Yogyakarta in the past) to have a rest. Yogyakarta also have other interesting places such as: Ratu Boko temple, Kalasan Temple, Sambisari Temple, Sari Temple, Salak Pondoh Agrotourism, Selarong Cave, Cerme Cave, batik center, etc.



"The grandeur of Borobudur is something immense,
sphinx-like, incomprehensible and yet so fascinating.
It overpowers with a sense of our own incapacity to give a description.
Its enigmas are too many and too great for us to solve,
and yet it exercises such a powerful charm,
lays such a hold on the mind that we are irresistibly compelled
to use all our powers to discover something of its mysterious being."

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